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Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

Saturday, August 20, 2005

"And that's the way it is..."

The reason for the following lists is this. I was watching 28 Days Later last night and for those off you who don't know it's the story about a pandemic that hits the world and wipes out a good chunk 'o populace. Anyway, I was watching the making-of documentary when I notice what the filmakers were telling me.
Being from the UK they had been told abbout all these little outbreaks of viruses that had never been reported in the U.S. They mentioned names and incidents of outbreaks that I have never heard about. For example, two german scientists creating a synthetic polio virus from informaiton they gathered off the internet. No shit.
And it led to me think about what other things we are sheltered from here at home. CNN covers Eniins Cosby's dead body but you can see that and more in Europe. Why are we so different, so prudish, so unevolved as a society?? "Wonder why we're fucked up as a race? Anybody?" -Bill Hicks.

Top Stories on Yahoo! U.S.:
Iraq's Kurds May Drop Secession Demand AP - 13 minutes ago
Bush Begins 5-Day Push to Defend Iraq War AP - 1 hour, 56 minutes ago
Northwest Brings in Replacement Workers AP - 51 minutes ago
Pope Urges More Muslims to Fight Terror AP - 26 minutes ago
Several Detained in Jordan Rocket Attacks AP - 2 hours, 19 minutes ago

Top Stories on Yahoo! UK:
Women bikers in cancer charity ride ( PA)
Call for permission on second homes ( PA)
Millions Awarded Over Painkiller Death ( Sky News)
Met Review Shoot-To-Kill Policy ( Sky News)

Top Stories from Yahoo! Asia:
Pope calls on Muslim leaders to fight causes of terrorism
Bush says Iraq war sacrifices deserve victory
South Africa sink Aussies and shatter hoodoo

Top Stories from
Rocket launcher from U.S. ship attack found | Video
Senate Democratic leader Reid suffers minor stroke
NBC: Iraq insurgents plan wave of attacks | Video
$253 million award against Vioxx maker | Video
USC begins quest for historic 3-peat as No. 1

Top Stories from
Shuttle return delayed due to bad weather
Northwest Airlines' mechanics go on strike
Water park blamed for infecting 1,800
BTK serial killer arrives at prison
Doctor: Coretta King suffering partial paralysis

Top Stories from IndyMedia.Org:
Gaza "Withdrawal" a Smoke-Screen for Military Occupation
Encuentro International Forms Anticapitalist Bloc
Majaz: Another Massacre from President Alejandro Toledo
Cities and Towns Around the Country Hold August 17th Vigils
Activists and the homeless prepare for September 1st battle with police for Hobo Park
Zeb Mountain Taken Over by Activists


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