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" The question isn't "who is going to let me"; it's "who is going to stop me".
Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Just Laugh. Breathe too. But laugh.

Satruday was a delicious brand of incredible sex and sleeping. I can only wish such weekends to be extended indefinitely. I left for the library to sketch out some ideas for Monday's proposal.

People tell me that I live in a bad neighborhood. That there are drug deals and prostitutes but a step from my door. Yea, yea, I've lived in worse neighborhoods in Jiveland.

Yet as the above picture references, a brief ripple of violence has slithered onto my street. There were two cars broken into three days apart and the front door to my apartment building was smashed in.

So in an effort to combat the fear brought on by such destruction, a small, simple little sign serves to make one chuckle and move on with life. This is the first step. To ensure that we do not crumble under the weight of perceived burdens. The second step would be to determine solutions and the third implement.

People, Crack Kills. Ask any plumber...and girl with a thong and body suit that are too small.

This message brought to you by the Partnership for a Laughter-Filled America.


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