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" The question isn't "who is going to let me"; it's "who is going to stop me".
Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Return to Paradise City

[To the tune of "Rockstar" by Nickelback]

I'm done sitting in my apartment, going nowhere.
Like a waiting room, tuburculosis patient.
This life is exactly what I want it to be....

[Tell me what you want]

I wanna roar down the throat of the fuckin' Taconic
In a Ford Mustang, last name on it.
Wanna out run every motherfuckin' trooper I see.

[So what you need]

I need a one-way ticket to old Jiveland
That place where sunsets forever stand
In my mind a final paradise for me

[Been there, done that]

Wanna take my friends for a fuckin' good time
The hottest place for tequilla and lime
Wanna never remember what it was I came to forget.

[So how ya gonna do it]

I'm gonna do things my way, there's no question
Gonna make a lot o' money, in the action

Break all these chains holding me down.
S'all about life going round and round.
Work hard, play hard that's the key
Gonna make it big, can't wait to see.

Cuz I want it, so, bad,
Just round the corner and it makes me glad
All about livin' in the moment here
Gonna live my life, free of fear

Hey, hey gonna be in Jiveland. (2x)

Wanna go to Nadine's for some damn good parties
Laugh with the Kraisky's, laugh with me hearties
Talk about the stupid shit we used to do all day

Roll down roads, I know all the names
Play all those stupid drinking games
Gonna lose my cards and self-respect in hand

Gonna stop by Lynn's for hugs 'n kisses
From three awesome kids, I does them misses.

We'll talk about life and what it's missin'
Laughing all the way cuz it's really freezin'
The beer is smooth
Whiskey is bad,
Time goes slow
Night grows deep
There's peace in our hearts tonight
So clear that we never fight.

The Moon is out, over the road tonight
My friends and I, hold eachother tight
We know that the time is now
Cherishing the moments is all we have.

Hey, hey gonna be in Jiveland.


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