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" The question isn't "who is going to let me"; it's "who is going to stop me".
Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I Killed Hitchcock, or Childish vs. Childlike

Sitting here listening to a song who's reflection I can't remember. Trying to pull it into the light like a heavy trunk
in the attic. It contains something, but the key is nowhere to be found.

Apart from this I've been taking an extended break from my Accounting homework to do the following:

-Constructing a sign which reads, "Shit, what time is it??"
-Get an update on my friends' 8-year-old who was caught in a boat's prop four days ago
-Call My Love.
-Watch a few hours of uninterrupted Christopher Hutchinson interviews.
-Wonder if The Cranberries are still together.

Looking out into the night and drawing a line from the insignifigance of existence to-wards the heart of a child who can't see out of her eye that's leaking spinal fluid.

People ask me why I write about these things. The pain in life. It used to be easier without so much fame and notariety as my blog has. To many it seems to be, on the surface, for shock value. But it is truth, nonetheless. And from philosophy class we know that there is no Absolute Truth, only perspective. But we, as members of our species are drawn to awe and car crashes. We don't want to be the only ones with a peanut fetish. Hence the ever popular blog, PostSecret.

I recently discovered two other sites worth mentioning:

1) True Mom Confessions which delivers the news to the newcomer that, "We all have secrets. Things we don't want people to know because we're afraid. Afraid of being judged or resented. Afraid of being found out. Afraid of being recognized as imperfect (OR less-than-perfect). Afraid that people in our lives will see us as unworthy outsiders or, even worse "bad mothers."

2) PostCards Anonymous telling all in sundry that, "It's about the opportunity to express yourself in a way that's creative and perhaps a little liberating. There's something inside everyone of us that wants to break the surface. What's inside you that you would really like to share - but you're not sure who you can tell or how to say it? This site exists for that reason. Here you can let it out." [Digital submissions are not accepted]

3) I am also pleased to see that Daily Confessions and I Should Have Told You are back to full active status.

These are decent cures to the endless whine that your PostSecret postcard did not make it on there. So when you get up to-morrow morning, yelping. Stretch your arms to-wards the sun and think about how wonderful it is that you are alive. That you will trip over the dog on the way to the bathroom and miss the last episode of "Scrubs".

Untill then, follow the wisdom of the Butthole Surfers, "I don't mind the sun sometimes/the images it shows.../Cinnamon and sugary/And softly spoken lies/You never know how you look/Through other people's eyes..."


AC/DC, "I Feel Safe In New York City"
B.B. King, "Is You Is, or Is You Ain't My Baby?"
Audioslave, "Shape of Things to Come"
Project Management Podcast 2006/05/27 "Getting it Done"
George Carlin, "People Who Misuse Credit Cards"
Flogging Molly, "The Wrong Company"
Itzhak Perlman, "Papa, Can You Hear Me"


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