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Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

Friday, July 27, 2007

Fellatio, 1 or 2 "L"'s

[I was having a discussion about the objectification of woman and the present trend to discount a woman's ability to make an adult decision on her own. This was my response to a longer discussion which I won't post here. The title of the post was in response the question of what female sexual act is not a slur.]

Felatio is not a slur, it's a noun.

Step back from the rap songs for a second and look at the bigger picture. Take yourself and other people of rational thought and realize that you can objectively decide, as an adult, about things like violence and rascism and politics. Ask yourself, why that is.

My answer would be because I have been educated and raised (in a broken home) to think about what enters my mind. To critically analyze and understand the messages presented. IF we are overcome the sexual immaturity in this country we need to EDUCATE our young, our middle aged, to make an informed decision and give due to consideration to both sides of any issue.

So, I may listen to Ice Cube and sing outloud, "..cuz my d@#k runs, deep, so deep..." But I still have respect for any female I encounter. This is the delineation of consciousness. And people just can't accept it because it's either black or white. Excuse the pun.

I am almost thinking we are in agreement about "sexuality is exploited to fuel the myth that female is inherently immoral..." I agree and I think it's wrong when people believe that woman are not people. BUT artistic expression provides the contrast by which you measure your views about sexuality. Without it you would a vaguer (reckless wordage) understanding of it.

Now you may say, and rightly so, that not everyone is exposed to that. People from broken homes, like myself, and people who grew up at the bottom half of the middle class or lower, like myself. So what do we do?? A SOLUTION, not THE solution, is to implement a mentoring program for all children under the age of 18. If you look at countries like Denmark, they have a tremendous peer-to-peer mentoring system. This will help in coping mechanisms, foster interpersonal relationships, instill societal values of mutual respect. This is a step, now what??

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