Transitional Fossil

" The question isn't "who is going to let me"; it's "who is going to stop me".
Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

Friday, June 22, 2007

And I Came Home...

I took to-day off from whatever it is I do and went for a walk for 4 hours in the sun. I'm contemplating heavily what I want to do with my life, mostly professionally. I have my company but it is premature and requires nurturing. In the meantime I have to persue several other less appealing options. Emotionally I am all over the fucking place. Spiritually I am at an ebb and flow. I have done NOTHING for the Solstice unlike recent years. These are pieces of driftwood in my stream of consciousness.

I bought a hand-rolled cigar and walked to my friends house. She wasn't home. Reading "Mules and Men", smoking the whole way. Upon returning home, feeling light-headed and somewhat heat exhausted I sat down and watched this:

I will now make myself some rice and zucchini and meet my evening as it drawns near.

Oh Life, stranger and stranger do you become. I welcome Thee.




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