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" The question isn't "who is going to let me"; it's "who is going to stop me".
Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

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So stands the Man in Rags.Holding his head in his hands. He cannot see with his eyes because of the clear, burning skies. Along comes a midget with a breadbox stuffed with drumsticks and asks the man,
"Is it bed time??"
When the man unconsciously nods yes, the midget taps his stick on the ground three times. Two monkeys dig their way up from [pilfered pic] the ground and beat the man with sock puppet hands.

He lays there bloody.

Three years later a small girl, who has been left under a Juniper bush by her parents because they think she's a mute is found by a woman who juggles. She teaches the girl to juggle. At first the girl is no good at it and wants to give it up. But the woman insists and tells her to keep practicing. When the girl performs this trick some laugh, some give shiny coins and bread to the woman. The girl becomes shy about her juggling and refuses to. And so the woman leaves her under a Juniper tree.

The ghost of the Man in Rags witnesses the abandoning. He posesses a small dog and brings the girl food. The girl feeds the puppy too. They walk into the forest together where they meet a deer. The small dog attacks the deer for food. Despite the girl's pleas the dog continues until the deer kills it. The girl was trying to save the dog. The dog wanted to feed the girl. Sadly she buries the dog under an acacia sapling.

The ghost of the Man in Rags spreads unheard whispers about the little girl. He believes that it was she who was responsible for his host's death. He was trying to help her. Every village she visits they mark her as a witch or a child of the Devil. Finally, the girl returns to deep in the forest.

First she builds a shelter by placing some branches over the edge of a rock. She gathers berries and sets traps for pheasant. She remembers the determination she had from jugggling. Eventually, she builds a log cabin. The girl grows to womanhood. She has many friends in the forest.

One day there is a knock at the door. It is the woman who taught her to juggle. They sit and have tea. Very little is spoken and soon the old woman takes her leave. The spirit of the Man in Rags comes in. He sees the older woman leaving. She is weeping. He wonders what that young could have done or said to upset this poor old woman. He rushes into the fire and projects flaming coals everywhere. The woman's cabin is ablaze. She watches in horror as it burns completely to the ground.

In the brief time before the sun cracks the cloak of night, the woman sees the ghost. She throws stones at it and curses at it. She asks it why he had been so cruel. The ghost explains that it is not he who has been unjust but her. She is unsure what to make of this his perspective. She continues to question the ghost about every detail. His perspective, his motivations. Why, why, why.

The midget, now an old man, is wandering down a nearby path and sees the woman talking to nothing. He slowly walks over to her and pretends to have something intimate to tell her. The woman bends down to hear. The midget blows a magic powder made up of stale corn husks, dried centipedes and other nasty stuff. "This will make her harmless", he thinks.

The woman screams and begins to tear at her flesh and clothes, then suddenly she becomes still. Her eyes grow wide and she begins to walk. In no particular direction.

The ghost follows the midget and the first change he gets, pushes him over a waterfall. The woods echo the screaming.


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