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" The question isn't "who is going to let me"; it's "who is going to stop me".
Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Remembered Insolence

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3:15 AM
My next door neighbors stumble home at full blast around this time. Rousing me from a pleasant melatonin-induced slumber. I am hoping that they get larangitis in the next six minutes but it doesn't happen. How come when people make noise and then get quiet and then loud again, the silence is always the internval just shy of you getting completely back to sleep?? I finally get myself back into the darkness.

7:15 AM
The neighbors again. They are awake. Fuckers. It's two girls under the age of twenty. They carry that incessant giggle that women who have never see a grown man naked have. I am getting old so it bothers me. I hope they are getting ready to leave, but my hopes are dashed upon the rock of Time Passing. I hear one of them say, "My lungs hurt". I'm hoping she means literally, and that it would impact her future endeavors towards speech, but alas, it ain't so.

I wait.

They giggle on.

I am about to take my shotgun, go knock on their door and say, "Here. Be quick and don't make a mess." But before I can unlock the gun cabinet, I hear them leaving.

I look out the window. Just as I thought. Although there's the boyfriend with them too. Thank god he's a mute. Ah, fleeting darkness come back. Random rain storms where are you when I need you.

10:22 AM (Pulp Fiction time, three hours later)
Near-gay exerience.

I am at the bagel shop, pushing out of my head the invading hordes of words telling me that these bagels are not Jiveland bagels. So I order and pay. As I am doing so my gf calls back with her order. She's getting a pedicure and I briefly picture her cute toes. The guy next in line is almost on top of me. The kind of distance that you would give someone in a wedding picture. I just want to turn to him and give him a big hug. When people invade my personal space I want to show them the true humanitarian I am.

12:56 PM

i have errands to run. Recalling this shit from this morning reminds me about the reflection I had last night. I am turning 30 in the next week or so. It is a doorway from my adolescence finally closing. Though my savage past fades with my pickled mind I can only look forward to the life I want. After wasting all that time, I am a bit excited.

My gf is taking me snowboarding for the first time and if finances permit, I will get another tat. I don't have a bed at the moment, so you can gauge my priorities at present. Very adult.

I will post more reflections as I get closer.

1:14 PM

Thinking about a second beer. I have errands to run. They'll get done. I have come to the conclusion of what the next seven months will be like. Work hard. Play hard.

To the future...


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