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Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

Thursday, March 09, 2006

And what did you do today??

And what did you do today??

This seems to be the eternall question for me right now.

What did you do today?? To me it really isn't about what you did so long as you did something. At least to anyone who's asking. To me it's about doing something that makes a difference to tomorrow because if you don't do something that impacts the overall goal, then you really didn't do anything.

Now, people think that making a walking stick the day after you return from a three month internship may be a waste of time, but I think it's a marker of what you want to do, that you are on a path.

Tips to finding a job:

1) Apply Liberally. Yes, much like wrinkle cream or K-Y, this adage will serve you in your job search. Apply to any and everything b/c you never know what idiot is in an HR position who really does NOT know how to pick the right person for the wrong job.

2) Age Matters Not. I was recently told by a resume reviewer to remove the dates on my resume. This is probably to the fact that I have a diverse amount of jobs in different areas like TV, Marketing, Internet and Telco. One could look at this and say, "My you have a diverse and flexible background with the ability to adapt to any environment quickly and effectively."
But mostly it's, "You've had too many jobs in the past so we are not sure we want to hire someone with a spring in their ass"

3) "I don't know. It's a mystery." So what exactly gets you hired theses days?? Experience?? Searchable resume format?? Long periods of employment?? Who you know?? The right piece of cloth around your neck?? Tell you the truth I believe it's a combination of all the other points in this post. But it is a mystery. Ask recruiters and you get no less than ten different answers. I think there should just be a mostly blank page that says your name and your age and what you want to get paid and perhaps one paragraph about what you have done (limit 5000 characters) and be done with it.
Since everyone has a different answer as to what gets you hired, I feel that this is any indication of how full of shit they all are.
SIDE RANT: At one point in my job search I had 5 temp agencies in two states looking for a TEMP job. Couldn't find one anywhere. Like virgin at a military ball. If you tell me it was because of the market at the time, how come there were so many job listings and so many temp agencies in business if there were no jobs?? It's temp, unskilled, NON-SPECIFIC labor force. The governments advice, "Look harder".
So I did. 5 job search websites. Various "recruiters". 4 temp agencies. Oh and two papers. Duration 3 months. What else should I be doing?? Wait, wait, I know: Go back to school. And after you get out, you are more in debt and have no experiece to get a job. Start again.

4)Malleable Proliferation. Now what I mean by this is LIE. Yes, go out and LIE. Only put the large amounts of employment on your resume. Leave the dates off and when they ask you about the gaps tell them you were consulting, freelancing or working for a non-profit. If they bother to do a search which 5 times out of 9 they won't they will find your checkered past and you will not get the job anyway. Had you told truth, you will not get the job. This way, you will get the job and do a good job.
If you sign the application saying the statements are true, "to the best of your knowledge". I, myself, cannot remember, on cue, the last ten places that I have lived. So I can tell you, "to the best of my knowledge."
Example, In 2001 you get a job that you have for two years. You leave for a company that has offered you more money and a there is actual possibility for growth and advancement. It's great. You get promoted and looking like you are going to finally settle down. But after a year and a half, the company gets bought. You get laid off. Then you find this awesome contract job for 6 months. You take it because you will starve otherwise. You continue to look for a job.
BUT: When you go apply, the interviewer sees that you've had three jobs in four years and even though you tell them that you've been promoted and are a hard worker, you don't get the job. If you apply for a job in an unrelated field to find some stability for a couple of years, despite you being a hard worker you don't have experience and they won't think you would stay.
These are companies that will not take care of you when you are old and sick. They will not care if you put 30 years in and will not hesitate to fire your ass for someone is half your age and will work for half as much. But yet, you need to make them feel emotionally secure enough to hire you. Reminds of the bar scene in college. But that's another story. Er, ok.

NOW WHAT: You scale back the resume to reflect less employers. You take off the dates. When asked you tell them they were contract jobs and that your direction NOW is long-term, stable and in the field they are in. This will shorten the job looking by YEARS.
Also, if you are in a city where you know no one, go get to know them. Get a crappy job meeting lots of people. Be smiling, be friendly, be open. No sobs stories, just optimism. This will help. Because as I mentioned before, it's not what you know, it's who you know.

One more thing. When people tell you things like, "You should be a teacher." or "You should be an Endoscopy Assistant.", they are only trying to help. These people care enough about you to say something. Don't throw it away right away. Chew on it for a while. Explore the mechanisms, briefly, about achieving the suggestion. Make a decision if it is something you really want to do. And then toss it. Consideration will help you realize what you do and don't want to do and will make the other person feel like that they are useful to you. You have giving them consideration. Just as you would ask them to do for you.

In conclusion, it is stil your life. Always remember that. I am not whining, merely venting my frustration. Do I have ideas to improve this system?? Yes. But at present they are impractical to our society and economy and I need further research.

Good luck, campers.


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