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" The question isn't "who is going to let me"; it's "who is going to stop me".
Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

Thursday, March 02, 2006


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I have this thing about never naming my posts before I write them. they never turn out well if i do. usually. because if i do then i have these pre-conceived emotions and notions about what it's supposed to be about versus just writing from the hip which is what I am good at.

the picture is a misleading. I am not here to talk about the corporate tampering of our society, though the Underground knows my feelings about this. i do not threaten clowns anonymously either. i think clowns are an important part of society, specifically in the role of scaring the shit out of children we don't like. Or, like certain people I know,certain clowns are happy, all the motherfuckin' time.

i miss Jiveland. I missed it yesterday to be more specifc. growing up in a place with familiar rules and mechanisms is a comfort in times of uncertainty. Yet, it was not the place I was meant to be in. I am now in a position to design my own world, make my own rules. After I got out of class yesterday I had to chew on the profundity that the Infinite gives us the power inside our Finite existence to mold our existence into what we wish, by nuturing and growing the Infinite within us (these Finite shapes). Bah!! Apotheosistics people!! A rarity apparently on this show.
Pop goes the brain, m'dears.

the true purpose of this post is to tell you that soon i will be without a computer. Again. and until I actually buy one, my communiques will be intermittent. But the question to ask myself is, "Why do I blog??" Is it for the people and their perspectives?? Is it to share my own?? Is it to share my writing with people?? Is it to be part of this expansive, undefineable group that's getting opinion consideration and airtime on CNN?? Fark if I know, but I enjoy it and loathe it at the same time.

so , i just wanted to tell my faithful 11 readers what is going on. i'm not leaving, i'm not staying. i'm not going home, but i can't stay here.

1) Your life is NOT about pleasing another.
2) Everything happens for a reason.
3) The mind is more powerful than reality.
4) Do one ting everyday that's painful and scares you.
5) When you are sure of what you are looking at, become it, and you will realize you are not sure.

Until then.


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