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" The question isn't "who is going to let me"; it's "who is going to stop me".
Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

Monday, March 20, 2006

Edie, where are you now?? or Shake the Fuck Up

I look up at the black sky and think what am I doing...

Yes, so many irons in the fire I am the only one standing here.
I have been to many fires and the flick of the flames does not reflect my friends.

There is no more time to become. We come to the end of the hourglass stuck in our foot from fucking around at Aunt Annie's. And our poor, poor cousin, who weighed half as much, had to carry my ass up the stairs.

Who are we now.
I am the King of Clubs.
I am the parchment with the spider across it.
I am the raven resembling the writing desk.
I have two white horses in a line.

Who are you now.

Devulged of theory, the wind has made a wall that I must look through. Though I am careful not to sheer my skin against the cutting sands swirling to singe and strike.
Yes, I have moved towards the fire, hoping to ignite myself, yet stupidly I think that it is a mild effort to set one aflame.

I am out of time. There are no more moments to place and turn. This, is, it.

I am tired of talking. I am tired of speaking. I wish to speak as the wind does. Comprehesible to those who speak in Silence.

The true completions are that my friend's toilet is fixed and I am come full circle in my fault. LOOK INTO THE ABYSS and reflect on what is NOT there.

I have seen this. This is not the room in the dark. This is the dark tapping me on the shoulder and saying that there are no more commercials.

Where am I going.
At once, to the 525 lines.
At once, from the inside out.
At once, to the leverless summation.
At once, to a different haircut.
At once, I come to do the Devil's work.
At once, pushing the hewn stone.

I wrote a poem once that the teacher did not understand, and she said to me that I needed to leave the key for the reader to open the door to the meaning of the poem. I have given this advice over and over.

April 1st - Grandpa's b-day
April 8th - Something really important happened but I can't remember what.
April 11th - Feast of Rene
April 15th - Pay the Piper day

The key is under the mat for now.

Here, I go.


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