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" The question isn't "who is going to let me"; it's "who is going to stop me".
Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

Monday, May 22, 2006

Double Zero

That which IS, should not surprise us.
It is our own doing.
Attempts to please everyone, results nothing. It is an empty back room of self that should never be.
Acceptance, detachment are key.
Others confuse detachment with uncaring. This could not be farther from the truth. Perhaps to have never been in that situation before. Unaware of how to "act" or "respond" appropriately.
Under circumstance, the shifting perspective, it would be acceptable. Moving vision, shadows and light, around the circle. Round and round.

This is perspective. The craving here is the forbidden because it is just that.
The craving is also judgement and moral indignation. This is contrast.

The cravings we have for things which allegedly bring us the joy of inner peace can only be given by us and as such we are still able to be generous to ourselves without these cravings.

But is it them on me or me on them??

It is the thirst we hide. To ellude the Observer, the Watcher.
Secretly sit in the corner with some dark privilege
Climbing out of the shadowy corner, with smears on my face, saying, yes, I am a gourmet in my eyes. But it is hidden to obscure outside observation molded into lightening glass by judgment.

I don't think there is an end. There is only a momentary curtailment of that which we do to create pain in our lives. Learning constantly is our path towards the ultimate limitation and marginalization of suffering. Getting people out of our lives who cause drama. Sowing the seeds of love and intimacy. Realizing that it is, after all, your existence, dependent on none. You will be free. But constant toil in the soil of life is necessary.

This can only come with true understanding and acceptance of oneself. Balance with the word one knows to be a constant cauldron of suffering.

Again and again. "Spin that wheel!!" Some spins are better than others.

Look around at life. This joyous life. Though some would not say it is so, holding the hand of a dying loved one. Others would take joy in their going ahead to a better place and remembering the exuberance and essence of their lives. Living in every moment allows this. To extract every drop of joy and sorrow from a moment.

But we lose sight of this, choosing the path of dukka. And the cycle begins again.


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